"Hodge.... has a wide range and a lot of ideas. She will follow a melody, break into a scat improv, experiment with phrasing, intonation, even breathing... "

~ Queue Magazine, Vancouver Sun

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  • (Clinics, Adjudication, Fests & Gigs)
    Cheryl Hodge -Jazz Composer/Vocalist/Pianist


    The purpose of a clinic is to provide insights into the creative, musical processes for both the musician/student and listener. An informal perfomance is followed by an open ended session covering topics ranging from the nature of vocal production (exercises), improvisation, and performance observations; as well as topics such as music business and self-promotion. In a master class setting for vocal technique, I begin with basic singing posture, breath work, relaxation of the throat and diaphragm strengthening.

    Some Clinic Appearances Include:

  • New England Conservatory Of Music (Business Clinic), Boston, Mass.
  • Spokane Falls Community College (Performance/Improv.), Spokane, Wash.
  • Berklee College Of Music (Basic Vocal Technique for Non-vocalists), Boston, Mass.
  • Twisp Community Clinic with Guitarist, John Stowell, Twisp, Wash.
  • Nelson Festival of The Arts, Nelson, British Columbia

    Adjudication happens when a visiting dignitary fills the judging position for competing performers. I have served on several panels of adjudicators. Performances are followed by a critic from the adjudicator; during which time the adjudicator works with various students.

    Some Adjudication Experiences Include:

    • Envision Arts Festival - Surrey, British Columbia
    • Spokane Falls Community College (Performance/Improv.), Spokane, Wash.
    • Berklee College Of Music (Basic Vocal Technique for Non-vocalists), Boston, Mass.
    • B.C. Festival of the Arts, Nelson, Mass.

    Festival Appearances (Performance):

    When performing in a festival, it is the case that the sets are lively, and entertaining. Often, Cheryl will engage the audience and joke with them, throughout the set. Usually there will be a few belted blues, mixed with high energy fusion-type jazz and including a few sultry ballads in the middle of the set.... perhaps a Billie Holiday ballad, or an Etta James tune. Most of the set focusses on Hodge�s original music, which audiences find to be quite engaging.

    Some Festival Appearances Include:

    • Kaslo Jazz Festival, Kaslo, British Columbia (3x performer)
    • C'oeur D'Alene Festival, C'oeur D'Alene, Idaho
    • Spokane Falls Community College, Spokane, Wash.
    • Ripley, New York

    Club Appearances:

    When playing in clubs, these days, Cheryl leans toward s a more energetic jazz groove-based band. It is often the case that she will go to a city with her "book" and perform the house band; in places like Rossini's in Vancouver. Since she has been performing over 25 years now, she's pretty connected with great musicians and uses them from local areas, whenever possible, in order to cut down on budget considerations for club owners. Performances nearly always happen on Thursdays, Fridays and/or Saturdays. They have included (among countless appearances):

    • Ella's, Spokane, Wash. (2008)
    • The Jazz Cellar, Vancouver, British Columbia (2008)
    • Kavehaz, Manhattan (2005)
    • Jimmy Mak's, Portland, Or. (2005)
    • Rossini's in Gastown, Vancouver, British Columbia (2005)
    • The Rex, Toronto, Ontario (2003)
    • Tula's, Seattle, Wash. (2003)
    • Jazz D'Opus, Portland, Or. (2002)
    • Upstairs, Montreal, Quebec. (1990)
    • The Regattabar, Cambridge, Mass. (1990)
    • 1369 Jazz Club (House singer), Cambridge, Mass. (1990)

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